Raising Home Services

We Love Your Puppy Just As you Do

This is Jorge Von Ruelmann one of our guaduates, now living with her owners in Washington.

Would you love to invite a new dog into your family, but are concerned that due to your hectic schedule your pup may be at home alone to much in his/her early weeks? We have your solution, we provide a "Raising Home" for you pup. Specializing in SOCIALIZATION with humans and many other dogs, in addition, we crate train and potty train you dog. For the most part, your pup goes everywhere I go, to the mall, to the barn where I board my horse, over to my friends home, leaning how to behave in all these environments. When your pups comes to you, he/she will be confident in all environments.


Pricing for raising home services.

An Awesome Service You Won't Find Any Where Else.

Each situation for a raising home is different and depending on the level of training you would like determines the pricing. We encourage you to give us a call if you are interested in this awesome service, as it will help us to have a better idea of what your needs will be for you and your puppy.