Photo Gallery



Sketch by Maud Cronkhite

Buffy taking her long over due nap ZzZzZz


Cooper loves finding his favorite toys to carry around


Molly our Special needs Girl, finds her way around like she owns the place


Sassy and Zoey are you looking at little ole me!


Rubie and Hans Best Friends


Bella and Shasta Lovin up the visitors


Sketch by Maud Cronkhite

Jorge one of our home raising clients off on her own now with her new family


Can I share this pillow?

Ellie, oh the life I have it's so rough...


No one can smile like Rosie


Rubie and Tito just hanging out waiting for some excitement


Maverick Muscles Rule


Charger swimming is what I do best try and catch me..


Oscar and Archie, come on lets go see what toys we can find


Bella with her treasure from my flower bed.


Bella looking for the cookie jar.


Bunny and Buffy, you go, no you go, oh ok I'll go first..


Clancy waking Rubie from her nap.


Molly and Chico taking time out to dance


Taz what a sweetie..


Sunu and Harley Jane, when is dinner?


Buffy and Bunny, I'm telling Cindy you did it..


Maggie and Rubie no room for humans lets just stretch out


What do you mean I have to wait for a signal????

Bella, Shasta and Tahoe


Koda and Rubie napping..


Ellie my favorite pillow I'm not getting off..

Rubie and Alina we got new toys today YAHOO..

Kahoona newly enrolled in our puppy socialization program!


Trula, oh I just want to nap and everybody is still playing..


Jack and Bunny staying out of trouble, yea right..


Jack, I'm here just wanted to make sure you noticed..

Alina, Cooper, Bella, Buffy CRAZY PLAY!!


Ellie and Pickles, investigating the yard, darn no rabbits here..


Boo Boo, just feed me now will you


Jack, just give me hugs all day..


Sam and Kody taking a break


Sam and Zoey I think I should clean your ears, doesn't that feel better?



Sam and Sassy trying to behave..